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'Are you a non-native English-speaking author wanting to focus on your scientific content rather than getting bogged down by
English-language editing?'
Language Polishing In today's 'publish or perish' marketplace, researchers must be able to communicate their ideas in clear, error-free, fluent English. Unfortunately, it is all too often the case that papers submitted to prestigious journals for publication, or book manuscripts sent directly to publishers, are rejected by reviewers and editors because of language-related problems. Repeated rejections can, in turn, negatively impact a researcher's career growth and professional standing.

At Integra, we firmly believe that this does not have to be the case. Our language polishing service, a new value-added service catering especially to STM authors who are non-native speakers of English, can ensure that all glaring language problems are eliminated at an early stage. So, before your manuscript is sent out to publishers, Integra can reduce your chances of being rejected at the peer-review stage and dramatically improve your chances of getting published. This service is available for manuscripts in all scientific fields, including physics, chemistry, biology, life sciences, medicine, and technology.

If you are about to send out an important manuscript that could influence your professional standing in your scholarly community, don't run the risk of being rejected by a board of editors or peer-review committee because of faulty sentence construction, grammatical or spelling errors, or ambiguous syntax. Let one of Integra's experienced language editors – all of whom are native English speakers with relevant subject expertise, excellent written communication skills,
and experience in language polishing – help you to iron out those problematic kinks in your writing that can make a difference between acceptance and rejection. We guarantee to enhance the overall readability of your writing by

  • Fixing grammatical errors
  • Ensuring that it meets accepted standards of scientific English
  • Improving sentence clarity and the flow of ideas
  • Resolving ambiguities caused by either syntactic or semantic factors
  • Removing redundancies
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If you are an author, you can avail yourself of our services by the simple click of a button – the service is offered online and requires only that you upload a soft copy of your manuscript to our website. Our editors will work on your file and send it back to you electronically – it's fast, efficient, and hassle-free.